Dental Savings No Insurance Plan

Dental Care of Oakbrook is a return to the true patient/dentist relationship, where patients can visit trusted professionals for treatment and receive that treatment without compromise to expertise, materials or personal attention.

This is where decisions are based on what’s needed and what’s best for YOU- not what an insurance company deems cost-effective or “good enough.”

By making insurance secondary and putting patients in control, Dental Care of Oakbrook gives patients throughout the area, access to quality care they deserve. It’s a return to dentistry that’s about what’s good for the patient and nothing else.

With the Dental Savings Program from Dental Care of Oakbrook, the finest dental care available is even easier and more affordable.

Here’s something to smile about.

  • The Dental Savings Program is also care without contracts, deductibles, waiting periods or maximums, no deny to claims, no “specific services only” covered, no limitations on frequency, no emergency exam fees
  • There are no missing tooth or pre-existing condition clauses and no reduction to alternative benefits. Example, Composite fillings reduced to amalgam fillings
  • Most of all, there is no insurance company telling you what you can and can’t have for your dental health.
  • In fact this plan will be better than some insurance plans out there.
  • Most importantly, the best materials, technology, and dentistry you can ask for.

What you have left is one of Illinois’ Premier Top Dentist and her team, providing comprehensive examinations, cleanings and treatments. This means the highest quality materials and the most advanced technology, procedures and lab support available. You choose the treatment that’s best for you.

This is Care without Compromise.

The Dental Savings Program is simple.

  • Patients pay for a one year membership, for a flat fee, ad enter into a program of the finest dental care available. It is a program for complete dental health and peace of mind at a price they can smile about.
  • This membership includes a 15% discount on ALL dental procedures, including cleanings, periodontal cleanings, routine x-rays, examinations, fillings, and crowns.
  • For our seniors 65 and above the discount is 20%
  • The Dental Savings Program Membership runs 12 consecutive months, regardless of when you enroll
  • Patients can join at any time, any month throughout the year.

Annual Membership Payment:

  • $50.00 for each member (1 year expiration from date if sigh up- Non Refundable)
  • 15% off ALL dental care treatment and procedures.

For Example:

Example Fee
Final Cost
Adult Cleanings
4 Bite-wing X-rays
Single Filling
  • All emergency exams are free of charge.
  • All emergency x-rays are free of charge.
  • ALL products are full price. (no discounts).

*(Ex: Breath Rx, MI Paste, Zoom Bleaching, Electric toothbrushes, Mouth guards, Night guards or PerioRx).
**This membership is for our patients that do not carry dental insurance and cannot be used in conjunction with dental insurance or any other coupons or promotions.